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New York Sets Stronger Internet Speeds’ Marketing-Related Standards

New York is not just notifying Charter communications to clean up its act. The state also settled with Altice (Optimum’s owner), RCN, Frontier, and Verizon, which is Engadget’s parent firm, saying that they will have to stick to stricter norms for advertising their Internet speeds. Now, they will have to support their claims with standard speed testing, make sure they have sufficient network capacity to manage advertised 3rd-party services. They will also have to make clear that speeds on Wi-Fi will not be similar to that of with a wired connection.

Now, firms will also have to make “straight financial commitments” to advance their networks and compensate some of their customers. These involve a $25 Million investment on Frontier’s part to support its upstate capability. While Altice will compensate almost $5 Million to its users who did not receive equipment capable of satisfying expected speeds. All of the service providers will have to make sure they offer modems and routers that can manage advertised speeds, including free replacements.

On a similar note, K Sivan, Chairman, ISRO proclaimed the launch of about four high-output satellites. He added that this launch is supposed to provide the country broadband connectivity of more than 100 GBPS by upcoming year. Whilst about three satellites namely, Gsat-19, Gsat-11, and Gsat-29, already have been lifted off, Gsat-20 is planned to be lifted off for next year.

He added that all these satellites together will offer high-speed Internet connectivity in India, especially in the rural regions of the country. It will assist bridge the digital divide. Gsat-11 is a high-throughput satellite that takes about 40 transponders in the Ka-band and Ku-band frequencies. The life of the satellite is more than 15 Years. Each solar panel is over 4 Meters long, which is approximately the size of a huge room.

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