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Genetically Diverse Models Advance Precision Medicine Usability

A research supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), which is the part of the National Institutes of Health, stated that combining genetic diversity with a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease offered the results in superior commonness with the molecular, genetic, and clinical features of this persistent human disease. The research also hints that adding up genetic diversity might be important to improve the predictive strength of studies employing mouse models and boosting their usability for precision medicine study for Alzheimer’s.

The latest study emerges out of the recently founded Resilience-Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (Resilience-AD). It can be accessed online in the journal Neuron. Richard J. Hodes, Director, NIA, proclaimed that this is the foremost study to demonstrate that the number of the molecular features of Alzheimer’s disease can be replicated in a genetically dissimilar mouse model. He added that it highlights a plan for better employment of mouse models for precision medicine research, both fundamental and translational, for Alzheimer’s disease.

On a similar note, researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) disclosed that they have discovered an important mechanism in the brain that might underlie our ability to swiftly focus attention. Human brains are constantly bombarded with data from the senses, still, a human level of attention to such input differs, letting us selectively aim at one conversation and not another.

Stephen Williams, Professor, Queensland Brain Institute, UQ, explained that if we want to give our complete focus, something happens in the brain to let us focus and filter out distractions. He added that there must be a system that indicates the thing one wants to focus on. However, this method is not well comprehended. The study has shown that the electrical activity of the neocortex of the brain changes, when one focuses their attention. Neurons impede signaling in sync with one another and begin firing out of sync.

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