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Scientists Develop Smart Brain Implant For Parkinson’s

A latest and smart implant has been found that can listen to the signals in brain which can be very beneficial for treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s or Epilepsy. Doctors generally use the method of neurostimulation in order to treat conditions like epilepsy, depression and even stroke. Certain devices are used in this which emit electrical impulses that can in turn control the various brain activities and CNS. The same technique is often used by medical experts to treat Parkinson’s. However, the neurostimulator tools are incapable of creating stimulation in the brain and keep a record at a similar time.

Experts from University of California located in Berkeley have come up with a latest and much developed neurostimulator which can do both the works at the same time. It is being hoped to bring improvements in the treatment of both epilepsy, Parkinson’s etc.

WAND (Wireless Artifact-free Neuromodulation Device) is the name of the new tool. There are two small external controllers in WAND which are capable of monitoring the 64 electrodes of the brain. It can keep a check on the electrical activities inside the brain besides identifying the presence of any abnormal signals, such as tremors etc. Next, the device can regulate the electrical signals of the brain which will diminish the number of such events or symptoms. There are certain other devices which work similarly. But, they can check the electrical activity till only 8 points while WAND can do the same thing from 128 various channels.

Nature Biomedical Engineering has made a report which says that WAND can in future improve the health of many people who suffer from neurological disorders. The cost and time required in treating these diseases are both in huge amounts. WAND, here gives a new hope to the patients in terms of both time and cost.

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