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New Horizons Gears Up For The Historic Flight To A Distant World

New Horizons spacecraft of NASA is about to create history by accomplishing the farthest distance in the solar system, which is over 6.5 billion kilometers away from Earth. The spacecraft is all set to fly across Ultima Thule, which is 30 kilometers wide, creating a record.

Kuiper Belt is termed as Ultima Thule, which is the band of frozen material that revolves around the Sun beyond the circle of Neptune, the eighth planet. The Ultima Thule is located far away from the Dwarf Planet Pluto, which was visited by New Horizons back in 2015.

The final edits have already been sent that includes the correction of timing worth 2 seconds. This has confirmed that New Horizons is aware of the location and timing, which is needed to click the necessary pictures. The speed of the spacecraft is 14 kilometer per second, which is a rapid speed and a fraction of a second may cause catastrophe. Hence, the rectification came as a sigh of relief as the spacecraft will point the camera in the correct location at the appropriate time.

Alice Bowman, the Mission Operations Manager stated that the spacecraft is healthy and the prospect of the mission is highly exciting.

New Horizons will get 3,500 kilometers near to the surface of Ultima Thule at 0533 GMT. The spacecraft is programmed to accumulate gigabytes of pictures along with other scientific data during the time of encounter and a few seconds after it crosses the body.

The scientists and astronomers are expecting space to hold countless Kuiper members, which are similar to that of Ultima. They are hopeful these contain bountiful of information that will help them uncover the in-depth secrets of solar system even from the era that is considered as the beginning of the solar system 4.6 billion years back.

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