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Tons Of Methane Released Into The Atmosphere By Melting Ice Sheets

The Greenland Ice Sheet produces tons of methane as per a new research, denoting that subglacial biological activity influences the atmosphere far more than considered earlier. An international team of scientists directed by the University of Bristol camp sited for 3 Months adjacent to the Greenland Ice Sheet, examining the meltwater that flows over the Ice Sheet’s large catchment (>600 km2) during the summer months.

As mentioned in Nature journal, utilizing novel sensors to gauge methane within the meltwater runoff instantaneously, they monitored that methane was constantly exported from below the ice. They evaluated that at least 6 Tons of methane was transferred to their measuring spot from this part of the Ice Sheet only, approximately the correspondent of the methane liberated by up to 100 cows.

Though some methane had been earlier detected in an Antarctic Subglacial Lake and in Greenland ice cores, this is the foremost instance that meltwaters generated in summer and spring in huge ice sheet catchments have been recorded to constantly liberate methane to the atmosphere from the ice sheet bed.

On the other end, Exxon Mobil Corp. is pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to retain major constituents of the Obama administration policy limiting the methane emissions from gas and oil drilling.

The Texas oil firm, in a letter to the organization, stated that though it is interested in discovering cost-effective means to control the greenhouse gas, the agency should keep up initiatives comprising the leak monitoring and improved rules to slash emissions that escape from storage tanks and pneumatic devices. Methane, the key constituent of natural gas, is a dominant greenhouse gas.

An Exxon Mobil Vice President, Gantt Walton, wrote, “We deem the right blend of policies and rational rules assist in decreasing emissions, further backing the advantages of natural gas in the power mix.”

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