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Windows 10 Google Chrome To Get A Native Dark Mode Soon

Google Chrome is claimed to include a native dark mode for Windows gadgets. The new development follows weeks after the firm was spotted getting ready with a dark theme particularly for the macOS Mojave’s Chrome browser. With support for native dark mode, Google Chrome will convey a contented Web browsing experience on Windows devices particularly in low lighting cases.

This is particularly not the first time when the firm has favored on its development with a dark mode. The firm already included a dark mode to its multiple services, comprising YouTube and Android. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is also showing support for an option to allow a system-across dark mode for a long time.

Peter Kasting, a member of the Chromium team and Senior Chrome Engineer at Google, in a Reddit thread disclosed the current progress around the support for native dark mode for desktops. “Native dark mode support for desktop is in development; meanwhile, we normally recommend users to employ a dark theme,” he claimed.

On a similar note, earlier as cited on Reddit, a Google developer presented a code modification that uses system-level Dark Mode in Chromium, the open source browser that acts as Chrome’s base. The code modification passed the review procedure and will make its path into an upcoming roll out of Chrome.

For those who are not aware, there are various different builds of Chrome that the firm employs to slowly trial and issue new functions. All code modifications begin in Chromium and then operate their way from Canary to Chrome Beta to Chrome Dev to Chrome, the stable edition issued to all consumers roughly every 2 Months.

Chromium’s Dark Mode stays hidden due to feature flags, which are important code-level switches. But some users were capable of running a Terminal command to make the dark mode appear.

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