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North Korea’s Kim Says “Novel Path” Is Certain If US Insists Unilateral Act

Kim Jong-un—North Korea’s Supreme Leader—confirmed recently his fix to entirely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, but cautioned he might have to take a substitute path if the U.S. persisted to force Pyongyang into one-sided action. During his press statement, Kim said he was keen to meet the U.S. President Donald Trump all over again to attain denuclearization and urged Washington to take an indefinite corresponding step to accelerate the stalled process. In his nationally televised address Kim further said, “However, North Korea would have no choice but to discover a new way so as to protect its power if the U.S. underestimates our people’s patience, enforces something upon us or pursues sanctions, and pressurize us to keep any promise.”

The comments are possibly to fuel increasing skepticism on whether Pyongyang intends to quit the nuclear weapons plan that it has long back considered important for its security. Reportedly, Trump and Kim vowed to work towards denuclearization and create a “stable and lasting” peace command at their landmark summit in Singapore, but little development has been made ever since and satellite images have signified continued activities at North Korea’s missile and nuclear facilities. Pyongyang has demanded Washington to remove sanctions and publicize an official end to the 1950–1953 Korean War in reply to its initial, one-sided steps toward denuclearization, counting dismantling its only recognized nuclear testing site and an important missile engine facility.

On a similar note, Trump states that he expects a meeting with North Korea’s Kim shortly, but he denied any rapid denuclearization. Addressing to reporters at the White House, Trump guarded his conciliations with Kim and stated that he had never highlighted the speed of Pyongyang’s denuclearization program. Trump has said earlier that a second summit with Kim was possible in January or February, although he tweeted on Twitter in the last month that he was “in no rush.”

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