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US FTC Cautions, Netflix Users Being Targeted By Phishing Diddle

If you are a Netflix user and have received a strange email, it is possible to be another phishing scam. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently disclosed a warning for a reported email phishing scam that focused on users of the streaming service. In a phishing scam, scammers might use phony emails to pose as real firm and steal users’ personal data. It includes social security numbers, account numbers, financial details, and passwords as well.

Recently, the U.S. FTC warned Netflix subscribers to evade clicking on a doubtful email that requests for personal data to be sent over an email over “some issues” with the present billing information. Netflix clarified that it never requests for any personal information to be sent on email. The firm added that if any user has received such type of email, they should not click on anything within the email and search for signs of doubtful emails such as poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or if there is the absence of username.

On a similar note, about 2 Years after the U.S. FTA prosecuted Qualcomm Inc., unleashing a chain of existential disputes to the firm’s business model, now, the chipmaker might get its opportunity to square the record. Lawyers for the regulatory agency and the firm are all set to start presenting arguments on January 4, 2018, in a 10-day jury assessment. This assessment will focus on claims that Qualcomm is misusing its power in the market for smartphone parts to force Apple Inc. and others to pay exaggerated license fees.

While both the sides have stated they are in settlement negotiations, Lucy Koh, the U.S. District Judge, San Jose, California, declined to postpone proceedings. This led to narrow the scope of Qualcomm’s arguments in pre-trial judgments. The case challenges Qualcomm’s San Diego-based business model, highlighting one of the basic reasons it’s been so profitable in the smartphone era.

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