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Germany Leads In Renewable Energy Production For 2018

It has happened for the first time in Germany that yearly electricity generation through renewable power sector has exceeded the electricity production through coal, with renewable sources generating 40% of the yearly production, while 38% of the total production was contributed by coal, according to the Fraunhofer Institute.

However, the renewable energy sources collectively comprise wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric source; while coal is just one type of non-renewable source of energy. The 2018 energy production figures reveal the efforts; Germany has been making to reduce the amount of energy derived through coal. In the month of November, the country has ceased its last coal mine. According to Bloomberg, the country would import the raw material for further operating its 120 coal-based power plants from Russia, Colombia, or the U.S.

During the last year, the renewables had generated a strong hold over the power sector, of which particularly wind energy sector has been leading with a rate of 5.4% per annum and is estimated to further expand for the ongoing year. The last year’s energy report disclosed that wind energy contributed 19% of share in total Germany’s electricity production and second largest contributor to electricity production after coal.

According to Reuters, analysts claimed the factor that motivated considerably more renewable energy production than the previous year’s production is the favorable weather conditions. Solar output hiked by 3.2 gigawatts as compared to 2017 solar energy production volumes due to extended sunny summer weather. The similar weather condition affected the hydroelectric production by the downfall of the energy output.

The remaining energy share was contributed by nuclear and gas plants in Germany. The country is projecting to eradicate nuclear energy production by the Year 2022.

Germany has been significantly stepping towards adopting renewable energy in its electric sector. Last year only, Germany has launched the first hydrogen-powered train, but still, the electromotive sector covers a very small part of the overall automotive sector in the country.

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