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Video Game-Based Digital Medicine To Help Kids With Autism And ADHD

Scientists at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) assessed a digital medicine tool developed as an investigational therapy for kids with co-occurring ADHD (attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder) and ASD (autism spectrum disorder).

The outcomes of the research, posted in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, verified the feasibility, acceptability, and security of Project: EVO, which offers motor and sensory stimuli using an experience of action video game, developed by a prescription digital medicine firm, Akili Interactive.

Almost 50% of kids suffering from ASD have some symptoms of ADHD, with almost 30% getting a secondary analysis of ADHD. On the other hand, since ADHD medicines are less effectual in kids with both diseases as compared to those with just ADHD, scientists are finding alternative cures.

Kids with symptoms of ADHD and ASD are also at high jeopardy for impaired “cognitive function,” comprising the brain’s capability of maintaining focus and attention on goals while paying no attention to distractions. As kids reach school age, these cognitive impairments make it harder for them to achieve and set goals, as well as productively navigate the requirements of daily life in the society.

On a related note, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have come forward as the knights in shining armor for kids afflicted with autism. A software has been developed by the team at the institute, which coupled with the use of Google’s now-discontinued Glasses, has provided a solution for helping autistic kids with their communication and social skills. This has been testified by Donji Cullenbine, mother of a 9-year old autistic kid, Alex Cullenbine.

The San Jose, California resident mentioned that her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6, and nothing really worked for them in improving his condition, until Google Glass came along. As part of a trial organized by the Stanford team, 14 kids, including Alex, were involved in the test using the Google Glass and a smartphone application.

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