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In An Extra Dimension, Our Universe Could Be An Expanding Bubble

Our noticeable Universe may be more than a silver sitting inside the edge of a bubble that is continuously expanding into a higher dimension, just like a bit of foam on the peak of an ocean wave. While this mind-blowing idea might sound like somewhat out of a physicist’s ever vision, it is in fact a new attempt to resolve the mathematics of string theory with the realism of dark energy, a mysterious, powerful cosmic force that acts in opposition to gravitational force. String theory is an attempt to unite the two pillars, quantum mechanics and gravity of 20th century physics, which states that, all atoms are one-dimensional strings whose vibrations govern properties such as charge and mass.

This theory has been designated as mathematically beautiful, and it remained one of the important contenders for a Theory of Everything called by the scientists. But string theorists have recently been lost in a warren of their own assumptions. Many versions of string theory necessitate that reality comprise of ten or more dimensions, one of time and the three of space we generally experience. The characteristics of the Universe we observe is determined exactly by how those extra dimensions are arranged.

Researchers realized in the early 2000’s, that as many as 10^500, that is the number one followed by 500 zeros, unique universes to exist were allowed by the string theory, creating a multiverse landscape in which our specific universe was just a minute subsection, reported by Live Science. But mostly hypothetical universes which lack in dark energy are produced by string theory and discovered by the astronomers in the 1990’s and is presently accelerating the growth of the cosmos. Researchers dealt theory of a blow to spring earlier this year, and according to that, not even a single universe described previously contains dark energy as we know it, said by the researchers.

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