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AI-Fitted Cameras Will Assist Locate Wildlife Poachers Before They Can Hunt

Missing animals is a huge issue for park rangers whose job is to defend the animals from poachers. In Tanzania in Serengeti National Park, for instance, there are only 150 rangers accountable for defending a region of land almost the size of Belgium.

A new solution to this issue given by Resolve (conservation nonprofit firm) is to employ AI-fitted cameras to act as distance lookouts. Resolve declared a new custom-made gadget dubbed as TrailGuard AI, which employs Intel-developed vision processors to identify humans and animals that wander on the surrounding. The cameras will be positioned on access trails employed by poachers, automatically warning park rangers who can verify if any suspicious activity is in progress.

TrailGuard AI operates on earlier work by Resolve to make remote cameras to help conservation. On the other hand, early machines had limited battery life, were bulky, and were basic, sending pictures to rangers every time their motion sensors were triggered. This led to lots of false alarms, as the cameras might be activated by non-events, such as the shaking of tree branches due to winds.

On a related note, AI is assisting enhance safety along a stretch of the busiest highway in Las Vegas. The Nevada Highway Patrol claims that a yearlong joint venture between a startup technology firm and public safety agencies led to a 17% lowering in accidents along west of the Las Vegas Strip at a portion of northbound Interstate 15.

The media reports that Waycare, a supplier of AI-based mobility services and products for smart cities, assisted spearhead the accident prevention pilot initiative. They expect to employ it in other areas of the Las Vegas Valley, comprising a stretch of U.S. 95 between the Rainbow Boulevard curve and I-15. The initiative employs in-vehicle data, sensors, cameras, and other traffic info to design prediction models to lower congestion.

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