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Apple CEO Not Afraid Regarding Visiting China After Huawei CFO’s Arrest

In recent time, Tim Cook—Apple’s CEO—stated that he is not worried about visiting China in the stir of the Huawei CFO’s arrest on the U.S. warrants, expelling fears of possible Chinese vengeance. Cook told to CNBC, “I was there a few months back and I am revisiting later in this quarter. And I am not thinking about it.” Meng Wanzhou—Huawei’s CFO—was seized in Canada in the previous month at the instructions of the U.S. officials. The detention raised concerns regarding ongoing trade disputes and instigated conjecture that China might target the U.S. executives in return.

Cook further added, “I am not aware of the situations, and I do not feel to know and should not know either. But what I can assert is that I feel embraced when I go there.” Cook has voiced out in the opposition of trade spats for months, even conferring the matter with President Donald Trump. Apparently, Apple’s supply chain is constitutional in the country. The company sliced revenue guidance lately and specified economic drop down in China as the main reason for lower-than-anticipated projections. Cook said, “I do consider that it is in the best concern of both the countries to maintain a very firm trade relationship.”

On a similar note, CEO Tim Cook stated he intends to concentrate on the factors he can manage rather than waiting for trade tensions amid the U.S. and China to settle down; his remarks came following the warning for financiers to anticipate lower revenue for Apple’s first-quarter financial earnings. Cook stated to CNBC, “We are not going to stay calm and wait for the macro to change. I hope that it does and I am very optimistic, but we are going to concentrate really deeply on the factors that we can control.

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