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Buzz Increases On Flying Cars Prior To CES 2019

CES 2019 is on the verge and everyone has only one question: Will the show tout flying cars? The prototypes will not be soaring over the Las Vegas Strip during the event.  But a number of designs for flying car will be showcased, portending what most will see as an inevitable airborne future with VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) for short-range transport.

Guy and Maki Kaplinsky, NFT co-founders and a couple developing a flying car in California and Israel, will have their iteration showcased at show. “We think we have a successful design that will allow us to make the Model T of flying vehicles, a low-price model,” Guy Kaplinsky claimed to the media in an interview at an event where a prototype model was being brainstormed.

A doorway in Mountain View to the back of the NFT office opened onto huge blue tarps to hide the workshop hung from the ceiling. A group of veteran aviation employees is concentrating on research at the firm’s plant in Israel, and the founders aim to branch out the workforce of 15 people.

On a related note, Nissan earlier revealed new pilot projects to fuel buildings with Leaf electric cars and it is rolling out “Nissan Energy” to ultimately commercialize this car-to-building/home system with a new associate: Fermata Energy. When Nissan rolled out the next gen Leaf in 2017, one of the main new functions was the in-built bidirectional charging ability.

It is something that the Japanese auto manufacturer has been operating on for decades, but it was mostly just a fraction of some test initiatives. A year post the roll out of the next-generation Leaf, we have not heard much about the firm using the functionality, but now Nissan is rolling out a new “Nissan Energy” initiative to take complete benefit of it.

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