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Apple Claims It May Miss $9 Billion In iPhone Sales Owing To Feeble Demand

Tim Cook (Apple CEO) issued a letter to investors this week warning of weaker-than-anticipated earnings in quarter one, mentioning fewer iPhone upgrades as compared to it has expected. The weakened requirement came majorly from China, even though Cook claims that in some developed regions, iPhone upgrades also were not as sturdy as the firm believed it might be.

In his memo, Cook provides different clarifications for the lower profit guidance: the strength of the US dollar, earlier launch timing of the iPhone XS Max and XS in comparison to the iPhone X, general economic weakness in some areas, and supply limitations owing to the number of new goods the firm launched in the fall. But the main problem stays simple: people just are not purchasing as many new devices as Apple expected.

Per Cook’s letter, “Lower-than-expected iPhone income, majorly in Greater China, adds up for much over our entire year-over-year income drop and for our entire income shortfall to our guidance.”

On a related note, earlier Donald Trump, the U.S. President, and two top advisers discussed about trade problems with Tim Cook, the chief of Apple Inc. This follows as the White House readies to attempt to turn aside a trade conflict with China, a developing center for the iPhone manufacturer.

Cook, who has chosen to be calm at the time of the latest flicker in U.S. trade stresses with China, conducted private discussions in the Oval Office with Trump. He also had a meeting with Larry Kudlow, the top economic adviser of President, and Robert Lighthizer, the Trade Representative of the U.S.

Trump is readying to convey a delegation to China in order to wave off a trade conflict that causes harm to Apple, the largest tech firm in the world, and other hardware manufacturers that make goods in China.

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