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Google’s Project Soli Radar Is Sensitive Enough To Count Sheets Of Paper

Google claims that computer interface in future will comprise invisible interfaces that you can twiddle and tweak in mid-air. This is what the firm is working on through Project Soli, an experimental hardware initiative that employ small radar to identify movement, and which lately won acceptance for further study from the FCC.

Picturing exactly how this technology will be put to employment is difficult, but a group of scientists in Scotland from the University of St Andrews are working on its limitations. In a paper posted earlier, they show how hardware for Project Soli can be employed for a series of precise sensing jobs. These comprise calculating compass orientation, counting the number of playing cards in a deck, and even distinguishing the particular configuration of a Lego bricks stack.

All this is done with the help of sensitive radar readings from the firm’s hardware, which the scientists integrate into a system they dub as RadarCat. As with radar employed to identify aircraft, the sensors emits undamaging electromagnetic pulses on the target, some of which come back. The manner these pulses come back varies on the basis of various factors comprising the object’s density, distance, shape, thickness, and its surface characteristics.

On a related note, Jigsaw, the cybersecurity unit of Google, earlier launched out a new app dubbed as “Intra” to the Google Play Store. The app is launched to protect consumers from DNS (Domain Name System) manipulation attacks, the media claimed this week. DNS is the Internet’s phonebook from where consumers access data online using domain names. It converts domain names into IP addresses so that web browsers can load resources on the web.

“DNS manipulation is employed to block authorization to social media platforms, news sites, and messaging apps, claims Jigsaw, and this new app is likely to avoid that,” the media claimed.

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