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Neutrogena Will 3D Print Face Masks On The Basis Of Users’ Skin Needs

In 2018 at CES, Neutrogena launched out the Skin360 (an iPhone accessory) that scans consumers’ faces to evaluate their moisture levels and skin condition. At 2019’s show, the firm is upgrading that device to make custom face masks via a new iOS app dubbed as MaskiD.

The Skin360 is not essential to employ the app, even though Neutrogena claims that it’ll offer a more precise evaluation of consumer’s skin requirements. On the other hand, the app does depend on the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone XS, X, and XR to snap a 3D picture of consumers’ faces, the idea being that each mask is tailored to fit every person. The eye slits match up with eyes of an individual user, for instance, as does the opening of the mouth.

The company will provide 5 main ingredients to begin with: purified hyaluronic acid, stabilized vitamin C, feverfew, niacinamide, and N-Acetylglucosamine. Each mask has 6 zones, comprising the eye area, forehead, nose, cheeks, chin-to-cheek lines, and chin, and the ingredients in every area can be selected on the basis of consumers’ concerns.

On a related note, Samsung Electronics, the South Korean tech behemoth, earlier claimed that it has designed a new ultrasound image processing engine to offer 3D images of fetuses or of different organs. Dubbed as CrystalLive, the engine was designed in association with Samsung Medison, the medical instrument arm of Samsung, claimed the local media.

It is supposed that the engine might assist doctors enhance the accurateness of analysis by spotting possible congenital disorder in fetuses. “We aim to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis via the CrystalLive engine and increase the speed of our penetration into university-controlled hospitals, which call for advanced diagnosis,” claimed Samsung Medison to the media in an interview. Samsung claimed that “WS80A,” its ultrasound device, will employ the CrystalLive solution and will be rolled out in Europe, South Korea, and the U.S.

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