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Solar-powered Oven Is All Ready To Set Into The Apocalypse Prepping Era

CES always has something new to provide to the far-fetched technology lovers. At the moment, there is more to the gadgets, smartphones, or laptop-based technology and that is the novel out-of-the-box product. There is a new device which is not only portable but also solar-powered and it is nothing but an oven.  The company GoSun has its innovation“Fusion electric stove” being marketed lately looking at the rising concerns over electricity consumption and renewable energy complexity. The solar-powered oven has an inbuilt heating system with a heat up capacity of up to 287.778°C which makes it possible to cook an entire meal in 20 Minutes using only sun rays as energy. The corporation has confirmed that the Fusion electric stove is 5 times more proficient in comparison to the traditional oven as the energy used by the lightbulb is enough to cook food.

The intricate design of the oven makes use of the vacuum tube to clutch the ingredients along with the option of cooking certain foods which are generally impossible to cook outdoors. You name it, frying, heating, or cooking and anything can be done on the solar-powered ovens. Furthermore, the device can also be connected to other green contrivances such as powerbank in case of charging phones or foldable solar panel with 20-watt power. Even a solar-powered cooler can be paired with the Fusion oven and thus, GoSun is planning on shipping Fusion and Cooler right from April 2019 during the summers.

The current device has been made available for $400 on the GoSun’s site for on a preorder basis along with a $600 cooler. This contrivance is something unique in comparison to the conventional oven and also a new entity for the people concerned about the apocalypse era. This oven can also be used inside the houses just like the normal ovens after maintaining the energy power back. This resilience technology, GoSun’s solar oven and cooler are definitely going to fit right in the puzzled world of today. According to the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Torino’s group of engineers the desalination process that is treating seawater so as to make it drinkable by removing salts using solar energy using passive technology.

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