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Astronauts grow veggies in space, beans on the menu

There isn’t a living being who refrain from eating the freshly grown veggies, which is not only healthy but also satiating. In fact, the freshly grown vegetables are so alluring that the astronauts have even grown these on the International Space Station.

A few lettuce heads were cultivated on the space station three years back, which gave the astronauts a great time as they munched on the salad. In fact, they have perceived to cultivate beans by 2021, which will be planted in the planters with advanced technology developed at the NTNU or Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

According to the plant physiologist from the CIRiS or Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Space, Silje Wolff, the astronauts are in favor of every activity that relates them to Earth, regardless of gardening and cuisine. She further stated that the astronauts love to water the vegetables that lead to healthy germination.

She had completed an experiment that surrounded cultivation of lettuce for space. The soil on which lettuce was grown was artificial and derived from lava rock. The scientists have the target to grow the flora on water, supplemented with the nutrients from plants.

Living in space may seem an exciting aspect from the ground as the people remain overwhelmed with dynamic activities and interesting food. However, the story is not the same in space as the astronauts hardly have any activity to do apart from the streamlined routine and living off canned food and supplements. Nothing can be more exciting than to be able to munch on the fresh grows, which seemed impossible even a few years back. The dream of growing flavorful items like strawberry and cherry tomatoes may seem a dream now but will be materialized soon, as confirmed by Silje Wolff. This will come in handy for the tour to Mars when the astronauts will have to travel for a year.

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