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This Fitness Ring From Motiv Will Use Your Heart Rate For Making Payments

Motiv is including heart rate-sensing security functions to its smart ring that will allow it to carry out transactions later in the year, the firm declared this week at CES. The ring has always calculated your heart rate for tracking your activity and exercise, but now the firm needs to calculate the heart precisely enough to read it similar to a fingerprint and confirm your identity. Once your identity is confirmed, the device can interact with point-of-sale terminals to access transactions. Motiv aims to include the new feature through a software upgrade in the H2 of this year.

The ring operates based on the concept that everybody’s heart emits unique signals in their heart rates. Motiv aims to employ ECG (electrocardiography) to calculate them to confirm your identity. The device is already FIDO-approved as a two-factor authentication device and as a method to access your online accounts using the WebAuthn protocol. But this presently depends on making particular gestures with your hand while using the device.

Earlier, the company has also considered employing the style you walk as a mean of authentication dubbed as “Walk ID,” but this heart rate tracing might be a much more suitable security technique. The biggest question will be how precise the tracking of heart rate is, and if the system can be thrown off by heart or other exercise issues.

On a related note, wearable sensors are not just helpful for tracking of personal fitness, but can also be employed to get new approaches in different fields of biomedical study. In a study article posted earlier in the open access PLOS Biology journal, Weng Khong Lim and associates from the National Heart Centre Singapore and the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine, Singapore displayed that wearables are not only capable of identifying groups of volunteers with same daily activity patterns, but can also forecast different markers of jeopardy for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, and high blood sugar.

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