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Hyundai Unveils “Elevate”, The Walking Car That Drives And Walks

Hyundai has unveiled its new invention, the walking car.

The vehicle was unveiled at CES Tech Expo on Monday in Las Vegas. The walking car “Elevate” can move in any direction. It can drive or walk or climb through any terrain.

Elevate may be a common sight in the future, but currently, it is in its initial stages. Hyundai has introduced the vehicle in partnership with Sundberg-Ferar, for about three years. It is “the future of vehicular mobility”, says Design Manager David Byron from Sundberg-Ferar.

The vehicle has moveable legs use technology from robots and electric cars. It can climb walls up to 5 feet high. It can step over large gaps with its legs. It can move in all directions and has retractable legs after which it can drive in the regular mode, like a normal car.

The robotic legs have free movement up to five degrees. The motors provide the movement with wheel hub propulsion. The technology used by Elevate is electric actuation.

Allahyar Montazeri, a lecturer from Lancaster University says that the vehicle can travel through rough terrain and lay the base for the next level transport, though the mechanics are quite complex.

The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle “Elevate” has wheels that will serve well for disaster assistance. John Suh, the vice president of Hyundai, and the head of Hyundai Cradle says that the vehicle can be used in times of tsunami, earthquake and other natural disasters. It is most useful for differently abled people too.

He says that the vehicles can be driven to the spot and climb over all types of surfaces such as broken concrete and sluggish debris left over from floods. The vehicle can be used by disabled people by taking a person right up to the doorstep by climbing the stairs.

The walking car has limitless purposes most useful for disaster sites, a vehicle to be seen in the near future.

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