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Nissan’s New EV Is A Luxury Sedan With A Range Of 380 Miles

Motivated by solid sales of its all-electric & affordable Leaf cars, Nissan appears ready to take the battle directly to Tesla and enter into the luxury market. This week in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show, the Japanese auto manufacturer disclosed a new electric vehicle that it defines as “an enhanced sports sedan.” It is a far-ranging, ultra quick, all-wheel drive vehicle from the future.

This marks the 3rd time that Nissan has conveyed a sleekly developed EV at the Detroit auto event. The Vmotion was launched a couple of years ago, followed by the Xmotion last year. In 2019, it is the Nissan IMs, an addition to the Intelligent Mobility branding below which the firm classifies all of its semi-autonomous and battery-powered products. A mixture of sedan and crossover, the battery in the IMs is situated below the body, offering it a taller-than-ordinary look. But with an expanded interior, it can easily mix in with the sea of black cars and limos bearing C-suite officials via urban canyons.

On a related note, with a small factory aimed to assist revitalize a town devastated by the earthquake in 2011, Nissan earlier claimed that it will be offering its costly EV (electric vehicle) batteries a fresh life after they bypass their best performance. Worldwide automakers are seeking for methods to make more affordable EVs and extend the their batteries’ life, which can make up for almost 1/5th of cost for each vehicle and are made from more and more costly materials, comprising nickel and cobalt.

A joint venture between the Sumitomo Corp and the Nissan dubbed as 4R Energy Corporation will start trading rebuilt Li-ion batteries for the 1st-gen Leaf. The batteries will be made in Namie at the new plant by reassembling lofty-performing modules eliminated from batteries whose in general energy capability has fallen under 80%.

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