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Amazon Created A Vest To Keep Robots From Striking Humans

Amazon is employing an electric vest to assist enhance employee security when dealing with robots and automated systems within its warehouses, as per a media report. The Robotic Tech Vest, which is actually a pair of suspenders linked to a belt, hints to robots that a person is entering a space to prevent any kind of accident.

The manner the so-called vest operates is by arming human employees with sensors that can interact with robotic networks. At instances, a human employee will require to enter a region majorly ruled by automated devices so as to pick up items that have been dropped on the floor or to carry out maintenance. With the help of vest, robots can sense the presence of a person and regulate their behaviors. The robots will steer away from humans and slow down, permitting work to carry on instead of shutting down the process entirely for a swift fix.

On a related note, earlier Amazon’s reserved special ventures group has considered products for customers to carry medical tests at the home—which can take the firm into the health diagnostics domain—according to sources well-known with the company’s plans. Two people assert that Amazon was in talks this year to acquire a venture-supported diagnostics start-up known as “Confer Health,” but those discussions did not result in an agreement.

Through its website, Confer Health builds up hardware for tests to perform at home ranging from fertility to infections such as strep throat. Their tests are intended to give clinical grade outcomes at home without visiting the physician’s office. The sources said that Confer Health would have suitable in a medical diagnostics plan that was being keenly explored in the summer. Babak Parviz had associated with Amazon after exiting from Google in 2014 to develop a special projects laboratory aiming partly on health and led the project with the other panel members.

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