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Facebook Supports An Independent AI Ethics Research Hub

Facebook is just as concerned as its peers in supporting ethical AI. The social media behemoth has joined hands with the Technical University of Munich to support the making of an independent AI ethics research hub. The plainly dubbed Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence will use the academic resources of the university to explore problems that “industry single-handedly cannot answer,” comprising those in regions such as privacy, fairness, transparency, and safety.

Facebook is offering an initial contribution of $7.5 Million over the period of 5 Years, and claims that it may also share its own tools and findings. Dr. Christoph Lütge from Technical University of Munich will spearhead the Institute with the assistance of an advisory board that comprises people from the business and civil society as well as academic world. The new research center will also be free to not only showcase its work, but to work together with outside institutions and experts.

On a related note, making their partnership strong on development of AI tech, Google earlier claimed that it is incorporating PyTorch (the open source machine learning framework by Facebook) all over its hardware and software tools for development of AI. PyTorch is a deep learning structure developed for flexible and easy experimentation. Facebook this week declared the preview launch of an updated edition of the structure dubbed as PyTorch 1.0.

The new association is targeted at making PyTorch structure work with custom computer chips by Google for ML, named as TPU (Tensor Processing Units), the media claimed. “In association with this week’s launch of PyTorch 1.0 Preview, we are widening support for PyTorch all over AI services and platforms by Google Cloud,” claimed Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, Rajen Sheth, to the media in an interview. ML developers employ various different tools, and Google has incorporated a number of most popular open source structures into its services.

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