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Air Force Space Command: Private Firms Can Help Military Launch

In recent times, the Air Force is found to count on various private space firms to manufacture rockets. These rockets are supposed to help in lifting intelligence agency and military satellites into orbit. In spite of earlier reports of layoffs at launch firms, the Air Force Space Command’s Vice Chief proclaimed that the military is sure that the commercial space sector will prosper. Lt. Gen. David “DT” Thompson proclaimed that the U.S. is on the border of development in the commercial space, though the health of the sector is always a little bit of matter of concern. Thompson communicated with reporters after an event at Mitchell Institute on Capitol Hill.

Years ago, the Air Force disclosed its decision that it will no longer manufacture its own rockets. Instead, it will competitively buy launch services from other commercial firms. Officials found that the success of this approach is basically reliant on the market forces. It also depends on whether there will be no less than two economically strong and healthy firms to vie for the national security launches.

On a similar note, the Federal Government came into the news as it attributed its achievements in the battle against Boko Haram and illegalities in the country to the Nigerian Air Force. In the meantime, the government asserted that, differing to some of its claims, no region of the country was even now under the control of terrorists. Mr. Boss Mustapha, Secretary, Government of the Federation, SGF, was the chief guest at Chief of Air Force Award Night in Abuja.

Communicating through Godfrey Onyema, Foreign Affairs Minister, Mustapha proclaimed: “It is glaring that the Nigerian Air Force has made huge sacrifices through the commitment, dedication, and perseverance of its personnel in the defense of our nation.” He added that the management of continuous air operations, both in the day as well as in the night, by the Nigerian Air Force is appreciably accountable for the achievements recorded to date in the war against riots as well as other criminalities.

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