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Mars Opportunity Rover Of NASA Might Have “Died” In Dust Tempest

The Opportunity rover of NASA has completed 15 years of its landing on the surface of the Red Planet. However, the researchers dread they might never hear from the probe again. Since the dust tempest that occurred last June of the Red Planet, no contact has been made with the Opportunity rover. So much of dust was present in the atmosphere of Mars that sunlight couldn’t get to the solar panels of Opportunity to produce power.

The principal investigator of the mission, Steven Squyres, said, “I have not yet given up. This can be the ending. Under the supposition that this is the ending, it feels great. I mean that.” Further, he went on to state that if the tempest hit the rover for good, “That is a worthy death.”

Opportunity and Spirit, its twin craft, touched down on the Red Planet on January 24, 2004. Both rovers were developed to function for a few months and tour a few hundred yards. However, they just kept continuing. The 6-wheeled Opportunity registered over 28 miles on the planet prior to getting quiet. In early 2010, Spirit halted sending data—a few months following it got trapped in a Martian sand. Flight regulators are still conveying orders to the rover in anticipation of a reply. However, John Callas, the project manager, states the longer the shutdown stays, the less likely communication will be made.

On a similar note, earlier this month, a spacecraft has landed on the moon’s far side for the foremost instance ever. Recently, China positioned a rover and lander there. It is a section of the Chang’e space missions. The spaceship landed on January 2 at 9:26 pm Eastern time. After a few hours, a tiny rover swayed off the spacecraft. Dubbed Jade Rabbit 2, or Yutu 2, it will investigate the region around the Von Kármán crater.

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