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Cheaper And Placid IVF Treatment Technique Still Remains Unpopular

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the costly fares the couples have to consider after a long trial. The general IVF procedure is way too costly and on the other hand, this new IVF technique is easier, safer and cheaper for the reproductive women.   The fertility drugs use also reduces which are usually required for ovaries survival.

This method named “Minimal stimulation IVF” basically focuses on maturing three to five eggs. This can help even the poor responders, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome patients, and ethical concerns regarding the freezing of remaining embryos. The minimal stimulation has not yet gained momentum owing to the latest national report from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) suggesting that only 2.4% of 208,000 IVF cycles in 2015 is accounted. The less chance of conceiving is the reason behind the unpopularity of the technique. According to Alan Penzias from Harvard Medical School, the live birthrate is very low in case of minimal stimulation. The overall high-tech baby-making procedure is full of controversies, hype, and variations.

Louise Brown was the world’s first IVF baby created without the use of fertility drugs. The use of injectable hormones for ovaries maturation brought along discomfort, bills, and various other complications and minimal stimulation is here to eliminate all this. The cut down of the conventional dose of drugs like gonadotropin, use of the shorter-acting drug, and freezing of embryos for future use can help women build a family. The success rate of minimal stimulation protocol is higher now. The doctors are now working on reducing the medication levels during the IVF procedures so as to lower the related complications as well as the expenditure rate. The fertility centers around the world are now considering the inclusion of the minimal stimulation in their routines for helping women suffer less at the same time conceives. Recently, a device the size of 5p coin has been developed in order to help women conceive naturally. Professor Ying Cheong, the fertility specialists from the University of Southampton along with his colleagues has created the tiny contraceptive pill kind of implant for monitoring temperature, oxygen, and pH in the womb so as to determine a healthy and non-healthy womb.

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