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Study Shows Ethnic Diversity In Cognition And Age In People Having Dementia

Recently, a study of people identified with dementia in the U.K. showed that people from marginal ethnic backgrounds—such as Asian and Black patients—were younger and had less cognitive scores at the time when diagnosed with dementia compared to White patients. The research utilized data from electronic health records and comprised 9,380 White patients, 2,008 Black patients, and 642 Asian patients, who were identified with dementia amid 2008–2016. This study was published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

The study’s authors stated that there is a need to comprehend these inequalities, to spot if dementia preclusion initiatives should be customized by ethnic group and to make sure dementia analysis across all ethnic groups is achieved as soon as possible. Dr. Naaheed Mukadam—Lead Author of the study at the UCL (University College London)—stated that this research is the first to examine cognitive impairment and age at the time of dementia identification in South Asians. The younger age during diagnosis showed that dementia occurrence in South Asians is possible to be higher in this cluster than the White population.”

Recently, the UCL was in news for its stating that molecular profiling can capture lung cancer prematurely and lead to novel treatments. The world’s first ever genetic sequencing of pre-cancerous lung abrasions can create the way for early detection and novel treatments, as reported by the latest study conducted by UCL scientists. Before lung cancer forms, precancerous lesions are developed in the airway, but only half of them actually turn into lung cancer, whereas, others would disappear or stay in benign form without being harmful. In this study—which was published in Nature Medicine—scientists for the first time have found the differences amid the lesions that will turn invasive and those that are undamaging, and they can precisely predict which abrasions would become cancerous.

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