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Study Reveals Music Plays A Pivotal Role In Our Lives

Music is an inseparable part of human lives starting from the very beginning till the date. Children learn alphabets when they hear it through songs. Even the nature is full of music. Music is played at weddings. Malls and restaurants also play music to fill in the void. Research has showed that music can have deep impact on our everyday lives. It can effect depression, expenditure, sickness, perspective and productivity. There are certain kinds of music that can also influence crime or encourage angry thoughts.

A study held in UK experimented ways in which “drill” which is a kind of rap music that has threatening lyrics might influence dangerous crime. This information is not new but with the extreme popularization of social media, rate of sharing and downloading such songs have increased. Craig Pinkey, a lecturer at University College Birmingham and criminologist went deeper to understand the psychology of such genre in music. He said the songs describe gang rivalry and violence. Audience of this kind of music often judge the performer based on whether what he claims in the lyrics is what he actually follows or not.

Professor of music and psychology at McGill University, Daniel Levitin pointed out that it is quite difficult to understand the role of music in spreading violence. Levitin said that people who are already violent in nature have tendency to get attracted to violent music. However, if someone normally enjoys hat music they might not be violent at all. What a violent song can do is just to add as catalyst to the otherwise existing violent behavior of the person.

A paper released in 2003 showed an experiment with 75 female and 70 male participants. Those who listened to violent music were found to be more hostile compared to others who listened to other music from the same artists.

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