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Lyft Includes The Choice To Book Hybrids Or EVs

After promising in 2018 to the company itself and making rides completely carbon neutral, Lyft aims to include more thousands EVs to its network this year. What’s more, you can particularly ask for a hybrid or EV when hailing a ride via the latest green mode.

Lyft is launching out the choice in Seattle beginning this week before extending it to different cities. Rides in hybrids and EVs will not cost you any more as compared to gas-powered vehicles. EVs will assist drivers cut their fuel costs, after all.

In the meantime, drivers who do not have a hybrid or EV might be capable of renting one from Lyft via the extended Express Drive initiative (in which EVs such as the Chevrolet Volt are available already). Limitless charging is launched into the weekly rental rate, at least to start with.

On a related note, Lyft earlier claimed that it is associating with Segway-Ninebot as it upgrades its shared scooter series. The scooter service by Lyft was first launched in September 2018 in Denver and it now expands in nine cities of the U.S. And although it first used Xiaomi-developed scooters, the China-located firm later sent Lyft a cease-and-desist notice, stating in October 2018 that it did not “disregard Lyft’s retrofitting or unauthorized modification” or its electric bikes. With Segway-Ninebot as a certified associate, yet, Lyft can expectantly prevent that type of conflict moving further.

The association follows as Segway-Ninebot revealed its next gen of scooter—the Model Max. This new bike is claimed to be more reliable and weather resistant as compared to earlier models, making it less vulnerable to deterioration and more perfect for shared utilization. “I believe we are learning,” claimed head of brand for bikes and scooters at Lyft, Ethan Eyler, to the media in an interview.

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