You Can Now Listen To An Interactive Audiobook Using Alexa

With the advent of smart assistants that can communicate with consumers, interactive invention has been a fascinating possibility for publishers and game developers. This week, Audible is issuing interactive stories by partnering Amazon’s Alexa skills with Choose Your Own Adventure series by Chooseco.

The Vermont-located firm has joined hands with Audible to make an audiobook edition of its stories. At roll out are 2 titles: Journey Under the Sea and The Abominable Snowman. It operates as you may think: you start the story by saying, “Alexa, start Choose Your Own Adventure,” and a speaker starts to read. Once you get to a decision point, they ask you what you would like to do, and the story begins to the next decision. When you get to the conclusion, the skill will ask if you need to double back to unfasten an untimely accident or death, or if you just wish to see what destiny a different selection at a crucial timing may have conveyed. The skill will keep a count of how far you have made it in the story.

On a related note, Alexa has been capable of tell you the phone numbers and opening hours of local businesses since July this year. But a latest update indicates that it can now really make a call on your behalf. It does not go quite similar as Google Duplex, which has the search behemoth’s voice assistant call companies and speak to them, but it must save you time if you are already employing Alexa to search for your closest Domino’s.

Apart from these local business inclusions, Alexa’s routines are getting a few new abilities. You will now be capable of having them make declarations or create mobile alerts, stop audio playback, or automatically turn on Do Not Disturb mode on Echo device.

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