Glutamate Study Likely To Give Insights For Effective Anxiety Solutions

After performing a recent study, Glutamate has been found to be an efficient neurotransmitter that can be helpful for scientists to bring forth newer inventions. Anxiety is a common phenomenon felt by almost everyone. When anxiety begins, heart starts to beat fast and there is a sensation of nausea as the functions in the body prepares to respond. Anxiety is quite natural, however, sometimes when it goes out of one’s control – humans behave unnatural. Slowly, anxiety gets deep rooted enough to hamper the normal well being of individuals. Further, being constantly anxious makes a person vulnerable and develops depression or more threatening anxiety disorders.

According to a survey by The Anxiety and Depression Association in US, 1 in every 5 adults in the country suffers from anxiety issues every year. Anxiety has serious physical health impacts as well. It slowly complicates into developing various cardiovascular disease as well. Anxiety is as serious as depression, but previously it was not taken into consideration. In the recent study, the function of glutamate for hippocampus is explored.

Glutamate is a neurotransmitter inside the brain and an amino acid. Studies reveal that decrease in the amount of glutamate in brain increase anxiety. Glutamate operates inside hippocampus which is a part of brain that regulates memory and emotions. An experiment was held with mice as the subject. When levels of glutamate decreased in the hippocampus, subsequently, anxiety levels also fell.

Again, when experimented with marmosets, lower levels of glutamate showed higher levels of anxiety. For the extremely anxious marmosets, glutamate level was artificially increased in hippocampus. After reaching a normal level, the animals naturally became less anxious in their behavior. Scientists have yet not reached any conclusion regarding the opposing relationship between anxiety and glutamate. Till now, a lot has to be discovered and studied to give any solid idea.

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