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Future Space Stations Will Be Built Inside An Asteroid

As per the new research, future off-planet missions might depend on space stations that are built inside enormous asteroids. This move would provide a ready source of precious minerals and it would also counter the bad effects of zero gravity.

In recent years the inclination towards mining asteroids and bringing the precious minerals of the asteroid back to Earth has increased which is possibly due to the NASA’s 2016 estimation that there are enough rich minerals present in the space rocks which can give each person  $100 billion on Earth. Tapping into the minerals on asteroids might also provide needed resources for the space missions that are for longer-term to build or refuel its en route. However, the vision of sending probes into space to mark away at the untouched resource is waited by one of the major problems and that is gravity. To use a jackhammer successfully on the surface of most asteroids is way too difficult as they lack gravity and thus most equipment seems to be useless.

But a research team at the University of Vienna, Austria studied a possible solution to the problem. As per the team, simply implanting mining operation within the asteroid and using the quick rotation of the rock to make a simulated gravity will help to get rid of the issues related to the lack of gravity. According to the lead author of the study, Dr. Thomas Maindl, if we could find a stable asteroid then we might be able to transform the asteroid as a space station. The team added that to get an asteroid, having the right gravitational spin is critical. As per the study, the asteroid would need to have a spin of one to three times a minute and would be made up of solid stone. This will create gravity about 38 percent that of our planet.

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