Google Claimed To End Its Notifications Widget Soon

As the death bell begins for Google+, so too comes the conclusion for the Notification Widget of Google. Launched in 2011 together with Google+, the bell logo in the top-right corner of each Google page was developed to notify consumers about activity on the social network, ultimately extending to add Hangout Chat and Google Photos. Now, however, a warning message shows that the service will conclude on March 7, 2019.

Post this date, the navigation bar will only show other settings and your profile avatar, comprising the launcher of the app. Not to be concerned if you still depend on the feature for Hangout Chat, Photos, or Google+ enterprise, however, as you can still turn on alerts in the settings segment of every separate app.

On a related note, the days of Google Hangouts for users might be on the verge of ending in 2020, as per a media report. Hangouts has been encountering from an identity crisis as Google rolled out it in 2013 as a replacement for Gchat, and it is actually been losing functions in recent times as the firm took away SMS messaging and stopped upgrading the app. That modification was fraction of Google’s new aim for Hangouts, which will stay secure for the time being as a workplace communication equipment in the form of Hangouts Chat by G Suite.

Google teased at quitting to have its personal consumer messaging app in April 2018, when it declared a new RCS Chat function inside Android Messages. Chat has not officially rolled out yet. Still, it does not bode well for users who majorly employ Hangouts inside Gmail, or employ it to communicate with their children or individuals who do not have handsets. Also, Google earlier rolled out an upgrade to Hangouts planning to make it appropriate in offices.

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