Google Poaching Intel & Qualcomm Engineers For Its New Chip Design Team

Google is extending its efforts to develop its own handset and data center processors by making a new group of engineers devoted to the project in Bengaluru, as per a report from the media. The new team, which media claims has minimum 4 recruiters & 16 engineers and will possibly continue to elevate in headcount, is the newest sign that the tech sector’s biggest players are attempting to rid themselves of reliance on the conventional processor business. Amongst the new appointees are engineers from Nvidia, Intel, and Qualcomm, media claims.

For almost a decade, Google and Apple have been steadily conveying more chip design in-house, beginning with A4 processor by Apple for the iPhone and, in latest years, adding devoted chips for artificial intelligence & on-device image processing and graphics. Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have all followed the trend in late times, mostly for AI processors.

On a related note, Intel earlier claimed that it is making a new path to push PC manufacturers to get ready for “a new type of enhanced laptops.” Named as “Project Athena,” the firm’s push comprises artificial intelligence and 5G support bundled up in what seems like second version of Ultrabooks. Intel is making yearly specs that makers will require to follow for a certification procedure. It all seems very akin to the set of specs the sector followed to make Ultrabooks, a marketing label sufficiently attractive that it pushed some laptop manufacturers to adopt faster storage, thinner designs, and enhanced battery life more swiftly.

While Ultrabooks obliged laptop manufacturers to aim on light and thin devices, Intel’s aim with Project Athena is unclear. “Developed to capitalize on next-generation technologies (comprising artificial intelligence and 5G) and allow new experiences,” clarifies the firm. Intel does have some areas of concentration for Project Athena, although. AI and 5G are leading the list.

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