Survey Reveals Breast Cancer Tests Helped Saving 27,000 Lives Last Year

Breast cancer was found to be the second major cause of cancer deaths in women. Although the number of breast cancer cases is increasing year by year, it comes as good news that the number of breast cancer deaths have fell considerably over the years and million thanks to the emerging technologies.

Woman, on average, is at 12% risk of getting breast cancer as per the reports from The American Society. A joint report put forward by a team of experts from various medical universities said that mortality rates dropped to half in 2018 compared to that three decades ago. Cancer, a journal of the American Cancer Society, sees this as the result of timely screening followed by efficient diagnosis. A study that has been conducted among US women in the age group of 40-84years over the period from 1989-2018 throws light in this regard. Mortality rates decreased from 1.8% to 3.4% per year in 1990. It was found that in 2012, there were 20,860 -33,842 lesser cases of deaths and this result could be due to better access to treatments and wider use of mammograms. In 2015, the numbers reduced to 23,703-39,415 and this further went down to 27,083-45,726 fewer deaths in 2018.

Mammograms have been found to be a great screening tool for breast cancer. Though it has recently hit the media for its risks such as consecutive imaging and biopsies, Dr. R. Edward Henrick said that this should not overshadow the fact that early detection saves many lives. He finds it important to make people in the risk group, aware of the importance of regular checkups which helps in early detection. Dr. Mark Helvie, study co-author, hopes to see a greater fall in the mortality rates over the coming years due to the advancements in screening and treatment methods. At the same time he emphasizes on the fact that women should use the present methods of screening and treatments and should not fall prey to the disease just because of missing an early possible detection. It is the past that people were looking at breast cancer with fear, early detection combined with modern breast cancer treatments have surely been a blessing to people suffering from this disease.

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