Interactive Maps Rings A Bell Regarding Future Climatic Changes In NYC

The current rate of atmospheric warming is unfolding quite a number of futuristic predictions. The drastic changes are affecting the climate on a large scale such that carbon emissions rate at the moment cannot be neglected. The climatic changes like the constant flooding near the coastal areas, suffocating, high heat, drought, fires, famine, and other animal deaths are manifold destruction occurring due to human activities.

The climate experts have already announced that within the next 10 Years the climatic alterations is going to be humongous. The maps can help one have a more visceral visual of the climatic changes happening around. By clicking on a particular place in the map, the entire climatic status of 2080 will be displayed. According to the cartological oracle map, in 2080 New York City (NYC) will have a climate similar to that of Arkansas. The U.S. Climate Data shows that the city will become more temperate the entire year. The annual average temp for Jonesboro clock during the mild is 59 degrees and the average low during the paltry is 48 degrees. The temperature changes are expected to make one feel like living in the right center of molten lava with a high of 62 degrees.

The heat waves will only get worse in the coming years. The map creator Professor Matt Fitzpatrick from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies tested it by choosing 540 different cities and could examine 12 different environmental variables. The data obtained were matched with already existing computerized climate models in order to understand its efficacy. The future generation is surely going to experience a dramatic change in the climate and more to the horror the map makes it visual for you. According to Martin Greenaway from Stanford, the paper maps are definitely going to come back and outdo the digital maps being used today. Martin Greenaway is a is a perfect combination of a GPS device and a paper map along with an attached compass that can help one make discoveries easier.

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