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Netflix Revokes 2 Of Its Super Hero Series

Streaming video services pioneer Netflix has recently closed down two of its superhero drama series “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones” that were licensed to it by Marvel which is owned by Disney. Now that Disney is planning to launch its own streaming services called Disney+ towards end of this year to compete with Amazon and Netflix, the latter has to now develop something on its own. Netflix sent out this directive on its platform, “Marvel’s The Punisher will not be returning on Netflix for a third season and their terrific crew and cast comprising star Jon Bernthal delivered a compelling series for its fans and we are proud to showcase their work. Our Marvel programming series of Jessica Jones is also coming to end after this third season. Run by Melissa Rosenberg and star Krysten Ritter along with its marvelous crew gave us groundbreaking series that earned several awards.”

Netflix sent out a formal note of thanks to Marvel and the fans of these avidly followed series for their support. It stated that the end of its partnership with Marvel does not mean the end of superhero content as it has launched The Umbrella Academy about “siblings with extraordinary powers that don’t see eye to eye with each other” which has been created by Steve Blackman. During August 2017 Netflix also acquired Millarworld and is planning to develop another couple of superhero films and series. Two of its best loved characters namely “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman” were not a part of its deal but then its co-founders Mark and Lucy Millar developed a new series for Netflix with Kick-Ass called Jupiter’s Legacy. As of today Netflix has 139 million subscribers spread across the globe and though it increased its rates by 7% it has not reduced its client base. Licensed content had been the mainstream of Netflix’s programs till now though it has original content and till recently Disney’s content contributed to 12% of Netflix’s viewership.

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