Apple Amends Its Rules By Employing Push Notifications For Promotion


Apple is issuing out push notifications to subscribers for Apple Music, providing a month of free music streaming to people they refer the service to, the media reports. Last week, the firm created alerts from the similar app, providing a 3-month free trial to lapsed users.

Technically, media claims that this breaks one of own App Store review guidelines by Apple, which states that “push messages must not be employed for promotions, advertising, or direct marketing reasons.” The media contacted the firm for explanation on its rules.

This is not the first time the firm has employed notifications of its own app for promotional reasons. You may have seen push alerts for Carpool Karaoke show by Apple, and if you are a user of the iPhone Upgrade Program, the company will alert you when new models of iPhone are accessible.

On a related note, Apple earlier declared that it is joining hands with American Airlines to offer Apple Music users access to the streaming application on flights, without the need to pay for Wi-Fi in flight. Apple Music users can access their service on any domestic flight by American Airline that is integrated with Viasat satellite Wi-Fi. It is the first time Apple Music has joined hands with an airline. Users will be capable of streaming on any machine with which they employ Apple Music, comprising iPhones, PCs, Android devices, iPads, and Macs.

Even though it is a convenient advantage for Apple Music users, the bigger picture is that it is a zero-rating service that weakens net neutrality principles and rivalry. Proving free data for particular applications is the same controversial plan that various states such as California have barred earlier, and it is no different from suppliers providing sponsored info to 3rd-party suppliers.

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