Apple To Launch Qualcomm-Based Older iPhones In Germany

Last year, iPhones’ sales were banned in Germany due to a patent contravention declaration. But recently, Apple has announced resuming the sales of older iPhone models in its German stores.

The older iPhones equipped only with Qualcomm processor chips will be launched in Germany. Qualcomm has been legally battling against Apple over patent licensing, and Germany is linked with this battle. Qualcomm has won German case against Apple, which concluded the ban of iPhone sales across the country. Last year, Qualcomm has defeated Apple also in China’s lawsuit, banning sales of some iPhones in China too.

Under this situation, Apple said that it had to discontinue Intel chips integration in iPhones to legally sell iPhones in Germany.

Qualcomm, the global leading supplier of smartphone processing chips, sued Apple for violating the chip technology patent, known as envelope tracking, a feature that facilitates smartphones battery power saving while wireless signals transmission. The same tech feature was observed in the older iPhones equipped with the chips manufactured by Qorvo along with Intel modems.

The judgment was in favor of Qualcomm and prohibited the sales of Intel modem chips integrated iPhones, directing Apple to draw the iPhones from its 15 retail German stores along with its online store across the country.

Apple also suspected that the largest chip supplier engaged in illicit patent licensing moves to defend the monopoly in modem chips market. Qualcomm has consecutively alleged that Apple has violated its copyright tech. This major battle extends to April, under which the investigation will be done in the U.S.

Apple started integrating Intel-manufactured chips in few of its models since 2016, and in 2018, it dumped Qualcomm over Intel.

But Qualcomm has provided chips specifically for Apple iPhone 7 and 8, which Apple would use only for launching those models in Germany.

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