Personalized Diet Changes Can Help Manage Diabetes Risk

Keeping proper balance of glucose in the body can reduce the risk of diabetes. Till now, reducing high levels of glucose mainly meant having lower consumption of carbohydrates and taking care of calorie consumption. This did not involve the customized response of human body on specific food items.

The number of people suffering from diabetes has increased in United States. As per a report from the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), approximately 9.4% of the US population suffered from high blood sugar levels in 2015.

According to some sources, almost 40% of the US population suffers from pre- diabetes; the symptom includes high blood sugar level. The condition gradually leads to Type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiac issues. The most effective way to sort out the situation is reduction in blood sugar levels.

Medics suggest having a balanced diet is the best way to prevent diabetes. Having fewer carbohydrates and calories can be the best way to reduce high blood sugar levels. This diet habit can also lower the risk of weight gain, heart and kidney diseases.

According to a recent research, a personalized diet chart can reduce the chances of high blood sugar levels. According to Purna Kashyap, who is the assistant director of Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine Microbiome Program, the present diet charts put carbohydrates and fat under the same umbrella. He is looking after the center which is located at Rochester, MN.

Another author of the study supports the concept. Dr. Heidi Nelson informed different food items react in different ways in different human bodies. So a customized diet chart proves to be more effective to keep high blood sugar levels at bay. He compared this with the personalized diet charts in place for weight loss. The team advises framing diet charts on age, physical activities and eating habits.

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