PlayStation Head Says PSVR Will See Dramatic Development In Coming Decade

PSVR headset by PlayStation has not exactly taken the world by storm, but the chief of PlayStation claims that the firm has huge plans for its VR business.

Shawn Layden claimed to the media that the coming decade of the PSVR’s progress will be vivid, but he did not offer any details on what the development will seem like. Rather, Layden compared future of game development to its past, acknowledging the dramatic development in areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile gaming, and e-sports. That type of dramatic development will only carry on, and that is something Layden believes will impact PSVR.

He used the development in handset development, such as the numerous Apple and Android machines that have been launched since 2008, as an instance to study what can take place to the PSVR as VR tech carries on to develop.

“By the same manner, you look at PSVR currently, none of us are going to be capable of picturing what it will seem like a decade from now, but the modification will be that vivid,” Layden claimed.

On a related note, there is another pair of official shoes by PlayStation queued up and is planned to roll out soon. This time around, the tongues of the shoes now glow up on not one, but both the sides with different PlayStation branding and logos. The shoes are the developed and designed of Nike, Paul George, and PlayStation itself. This is the same group behind the inaugural pair of PS booties in February 2018.

Let us hope these sneakers have a smoother path to roll out as compared to the previous pair, whose roll out was laced with issues. In spite of initially recommending that those shoes will be available all over the world, they were only in fact launched in the US.

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