BMW Group Expands Global R & D Network With New Technology In Tel Aviv

The BMW Group has been working with Israeli companies in various technology areas for several years. The company announced the opening of a trend and technology discovery office in Israel. The BMW technology office in Tel Aviv is anticipated to open a technology center in Israel by mid-2019.

“Tel Aviv has one of the rapidly emerging start-up outlooks around the world, especially in areas important to us such as connectivity and autonomous driving,” said Klaus Fröhlich, a member of the board of BMW AG. “By accomplishing an existence in Tel Aviv, we will ensure even faster way into pertinent tendency and technologies, be they startups or universities.”

The small and flexible team of experts from different disciplines will evaluate and promote networks with local startups, relevant trends, technologies, and innovations. All technology companies based in Israel will be considered and the team will also seek to establish joint research projects with universities.

In response to the announcement, Israel’s Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen said, “The transportation and smart mobility sector is one of the most dynamic in the world. The opening of the BMW Group Technology Office in Israel is the presentation of belief in innovation, businesses and the ecosystem of Israel.”

Cohen added, “This is additional proof that the state of Israel might play a key role in this new era of the automotive industry, which places a well-built emphasis on innovative technologies.”

In addition to existing technology offices in the US, China, Japan, and South Korea, Tel Aviv’s technology office will be the fifth of its kind in the BMW Group’s global research and development network.

The company already has more than 20 R & D facilities in eight countries, in close cooperation with the central development departments in Munich. Every site contributes to rapid access to trends and technologies to shape future mobility.

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