Galaxy Fold May Only Roll Out On Two Of The Major US Carriers

Galaxy Fold, the very fancy foldable handset by Samsung, will be accessible on 2 carriers when it rolls out in the US in few months: T-Mobile and AT&T. What about rest of the carriers? Samsung has not stated anything for now, but it seems like the initial Fold model will not launch on Sprint and Verizon.

It is not clear if this means that the Fold outright will not work on those 2 carriers, but that might be the case. Sprint and Verizon depend on a different mobile tech for their 3G connectivity, and it is possible the Fold just does not support it. Sometimes, unsupported handsets can still use LTE on Sprint and Verizon, but it is not guaranteed.

This is a specifically shocking detail provided that Verizon is getting exclusive on the roll out of the 5G edition of the Galaxy S10. Provided that the Fold is one of the most attractive handsets in years, you would think Verizon might need to be capable of selling it.

On a related note, Sprint earlier claimed that it is joining hands with HTC to create a mobile “smart center” that will operate on 5G in 2019. It is the second item that Sprint has declared for its personal promising next-gen network, but the media is getting very little in form of concrete evidence presently.

The device is designed in a joint effort by HTC, Sprint, and Qualcomm. It will employ a Snapdragon x50 Qualcomm 5G modem with 5G and gigabit LTE abilities. The device will arrive to US users sometime in the H1 of this year. A smart center appears to imply that the handset can be employed as a mobile hotspot too. In August 2018, Sprint declared that it was operating with LG to roll out a 5G handset for its under-progress network, also within the H1 of 2019.

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