8 States Witness Massive Increase In Opioid Overdose Deaths

Results from latest study have shown that deaths due to the opioid overdose have increased by four times in last 20 years. The maximum numbers of deaths have been observed in 8 eastern states of the US. Those victim states include Indiana, Ohio, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts and Illinois. Researchers have also found that death due to opioid overdose has risen most rapidly in District of Columbia. It has increased 3 times since 2013. Death due to opioid in Florida and Pennsylvania has been increasing twice every two years. Researchers also warned that opioid deaths have primarily been associated with rural backgrounds and people with low income, residing in regions of Midwest or Appalachian. However, the pattern has changed and it has been spreading everywhere and specifically in the states of East.

Census as well as National Health Center for counting health statistics in US said that opioid overdose has been seen appearing in three different waves. From 1990s to 2010, there was the trend of prescription opioids which were painkillers such as OxyContin. From 2010, the trend changed to people getting addicted to heroin and hence that leading to subsequently huge amounts of death. The last wave began in 2013 which brought synthetic opioids, for instance—tramadol or fentanyl.

With synthetic opioids in market, the manufacturing procedure of illegal drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamines has as well been contaminated. Mathew Kiang from Stanford University mentioned in this regard that the drugs these days are coated with more dangerous compositions that expected, thus making the drugs easy to cause overdose and putting the patients at severe risks.

Researchers also explained that opioid overdose have significantly increased and the maximum number of victims resulting in death are the black Americans. They also said that strict policies are being executed to cease the exchange of such drugs and the best possible treatment when found that patients have overdosed.

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