Microsoft’s Cloud Tech Is Helping Exxon Get More Shale Oil Production

Oil major ExxonMobil is now using the assistance of Microsoft’s cloud technology Azure to capitalize on the fast moving shale boom of America. This largest publicly traded crude oil firm in the world announced its digital partnership with tech major Microsoft late last week which could become a trend for firms in energy sector. Exxon announced that it will use the services of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform along with machine learning and IoT to collect real time information about its shale oil fields to enable quicker drilling decisions, detect leaks and monitor emission of greenhouse gases.

This partnership between Exxon and Microsoft will also focus on its properties in the Perminan Basic which has been the focused center of shale oil boom and the core of Exxon’s efforts to step up its oil production. The deployment of Microsoft’s cloud technology in this region will be the widest related to this industry as it will cover Exxon’s layout spread across 1.6 million acres that produces 9.5 billion barrels of oil and natural gas. The business of shale oil is both complex and dependent on data which makes it ideally suited for digital technology application that will strengthen Exxon’s operations and help it deliver better value.

The firm announced that Microsoft’s cloud technology will help it to generate several billion dollars’ worth of value within next decade and help to boost its oil production by 50000 barrels a day by 2025. It stated that analysis of drilling data can be made easy with the help of mobile applications and artificial algorithms. Getting Exxon as a client for its Azure cloud platform was a big achievement for Microsoft which is competing with the likes of Amazon and others. It has declared growth in revenue by 48 percent when compared to last quarter’s revenues of $9 billion.

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