FB Likely To Add “Clear History” Feature…Will Impact Ad Targeting

Facebook, the social media giant, has been under intense scrutiny for its alleged breach of security and failure to uphold the privacy of the users. Things started going even more downhill after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that took place last year in March. During these harrowing times, a new update has been announced by the CFO, Mr. David Wehner, where users will be able to access and clear any browsing history of Facebook.

The feature of ‘clear history’ was first announced in the early months of 2018. An interesting aspect of it includes the fact that it will disable third-party users from collecting user data from Facebook effectively, if user decides to delete it. This will come as a blow to many digital marketing agencies which rely on this information to target users with ads of preference. Mr. Wehner spoke at a Media and Telecom conference arranged by Morgan Stanley Technology in San Francisco where he agreed that the company is bound to face some backlash from its ad partners.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about this update at an F8 conference last year where he said that this will allow users to specifically browse their Facebook history and check what websites they have visited through their account and the advertisements that they have been shown or redirected to. The user will have the option to completely or selectively clear the browsing history.

They will also have the option to not have any recurring information stored as a backup within the account. Since there was so much controversy regarding data privacy, restricting the access to these data by giving the option to delete it seems like the correct step forward. According to a report from BuzzFeed, the update comes at such an opportune time mainly because of all the problems Facebook had been dragged into recently.

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