Space X All Set For Launch Of Crew Demo

SpaceX has successfully launched its capsule-shaped spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Dragon crew capsule designed craft and Falcon 9 rocket, got launched at 02:49 EST (07:49 GMT) from launching pad 39-A. Though the craft was developed to carry humans the recent launch was kept unscrewed. If this launch completes successfully then NASA (American Space Agency) will approve it for future crewed launches by the end of 2019. NASA is dependent on Russia’s Soyuz vehicles and is paying them to put its astronauts in space since 2011 after the shuttles retired.

Elon Musk (SpaceX founder) this launch might be the starting step of opening space commute for commercial purpose. It took around 11-minutes when Dragon ascended on a path to join with the ISS (International Space Station) on Sunday. Since it is a test launch, the SpaceX’s Dragon is crewed with an artificial dummy, sat near the window. The artificial humanitarian dummy has sensors around its head, neck, and spine. This anthropomorphic simulator will feel and gather data for all kind of force and pressure which a human astronaut will feel. The company has named the dummy as Ripley, inspired by Sigourney Weaver character from alien movies. This is a much-awaited mission for the Musk and California based SpaceX, as it will affect the company’s dream of making space travel open for common people.

After the launch, Musk addressed the press and said that he was working on this mission from 2002 and it has been 17 years. I am feeling exhausted emotionally, added Musk. Though the founder of SpaceX is totally determined to support NASA but also has the dream to take common people to ISS. Just like Soyuz does in past is what Musk is dreaming to do. He is also working on a much bigger project which will take people to Mars and Moon, a commercial space travel platform named as Starship and Super Heavy Rocket. Dragon is technically sound than a freighter and has 4 parachutes, the spacecraft will land on Atlantic sea when return. Unlike previous days, NASA is now seeking and making a contracting relation with private companies, Jim Bridenstine (NASA Chief) said that the new approach is quite economical and advanced. Our cooperation with Russia will remain as it is now. NASA is expecting the launch to work.

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