Toyota Test Uses Cameras To Make City Maps For Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving cars normally advantage from having thorough road maps, but making those maps can be excruciatingly slow when it needs cars loaded with foreign hardware. Carmera and Toyota researchers may have a simpler solution: employ off-the-shelf cameras to do the job. They are aiming for a “proof of concept” device where they will use both run-of-the-mill dashcams and Toyota Safety Sense-based cameras to create map info in downtown Tokyo. The months-long trial will mix existing and visual digital map data to detect road curbs, markings, and other details an autonomous car might require to recognize while detecting its path.

It is not obvious what will occur after the project is developed, but Toyota differentiated this as a “first measure” toward an automatic mapping system that might operate with daily cars. In return, that can make driverless cars far more sensible. You can have self-directed driving maps accessible for virtually each road, not just those where the tech firms can justify using specialized cars.

On a related note, one of the last primary hold offs in including compatibility of Android Auto has lastly caved. Toyota earlier declared that the 2020 models of the Tacoma, 4Runner, Sequoia, and Tundra will sport Android Auto. The 2019 Yaris and the 2018 Aygo (in Europe) will also receive Android Auto.

Toyota was one of the final big auto manufacturers to add CarPlay compatibility into its vehicles, as well. The firm declared in January last year that CarPlay will come to the 2019 Avalon. Subsequently, it spread to the firm’s other small SUVs and sedans. And now, Toyota declared that CarPlay will also arrive to the new vehicles that are receiving Android Auto.

Speculations of Toyota finally letting Android Auto in its vehicles first began swirling in 2018 fall. One of the factors Toyota mentioned for holding off on including compatibility of Android Auto was that the auto manufacturer had worries about the safety of the function.

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