China Plans Building Solar Power Station In Space

China is set to build first power station in the space using solar power, says reports. This solar power station is aimed to provide clean energy. There are distinct advantages of solar power compared to conventional power. As per the article published in Australia’s leading newspaper, the China’s Space Technology’s researchers claim that the technology is being tested and they plan to build it by 2050.

Kirsty Needham, China correspondent has quoted China’s Science and Technology Daily. This newspaper is published by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

The researcher Pang Zhihao of China’s Space Technology Academy was quoted as saying that the technology will provide unlimited resource of energy without any interference from cloud cover, atmosphere, or night time. The researcher said that this type of space station can supply energy which is 6 times the solar farm’s intensity on Earth. It is said that the agency is building an early model on experimental basis at a site in Chongqing. The agency will continue to test for the next ten years with an aim to start by 2030 the construction of the station.

Many countries were thinking in this direction and for decades, the idea of solar power in space is being floated and it has been explored many times by NASA. Aerospace Agency in Japan is planning to install the plant of solar power into space. It has taken many steps to advance the technology. But the question is as to how the solar power would be passed on to the Earth.

The researchers of China are investigating the task using a laser beam or a microwave. On Earth, a system would catch the transmissions. It will then convert it into electricity. The proposed plant of China would weigh about 1000 tons, something that is double than other Space Stations.

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